MUCHAP team visits MBITA HDSS in Kenya:

The team from IgangaMayuge HDSS - a research platform of Makerere University had a scientific visit at the Mbita HDSS - a research site of Nagasaki University Institute of Tropical Medicine (NUITM)-Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI project) in March 2018. The purpose of the visit was to share ideas about population surveillance at the two HDSS sites in Uganda and Kenya. Among the areas discussed was electronic data capture systems and morbidity surveillance using a data linkage system that links electronic health records at a health facility and the population data collected through already existing HDSS routine surveillance.


MUCHAP team: Mr. Galiwango Edward (2nd right). Mr. Waibi Musa, (2nd left), Mr. Gyezaho Collins,(1st left) and Mr. Wabakamu James (1st right).

photo The teams from both Mbita HDSS and IMHDSS pose for a group photo.

photo The Data Manager for Mbita Site illustrates a point on the electronic data collection.

photo Both teams in an open discussion regarding the two sites of Mbita and Iganga-Mayuge HDSS.