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Who We Are

Makerere University Center for Health and Population Research (MUCHAP) is a corporate organ of Makerere University, and a company limited by guarantee, without having share capital. MUCHAP is governed by a Board of Directors and this is the supreme policy making body of the organization with representation from different stakeholders, including Makerere University, Ministry of Health, Uganda Bureau of Statistics, representation of the International researchers, Development partners, host districts of Iganga/Mayuge and the Private Sector

IMHDSS is a member of the INDEPTH Network.

Research Themes

MUCHAP/Iganga-Mayuge HDSS has got a pool of trained technical personnel in different fields since it is affiliated to Makerere University.The research center has got Read More


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    MUCHAP BOG: MUCHAP BOG Member (centre) visits the surveillance area.

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    PRESENTATION: KI student presenting preliminary findings to MUCHAP staff

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    INTERNSHIPS:Masters of Biostatistics students from MakSPH at MUCHAP for internship.

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    CAO IGANGA: MUCHAP Site Coordinator interacts with the CAO-Iganga LG

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    CARTA PhD Researchers: PhD researchers under CARTA in the community

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    MAK-SIDA: Exhibition at Mak-Sida APM.

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    FIELD: KI student setting off for field work.

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    H/C VISIT: Researcher from JHU visits HF within the surveillance area

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    ED: MUCHAP ED with some staff members & Visitors from MildMay

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    TRAINING: Training health workers on pharmacovigilance.


Verbal Autopsy for COD Determination

Makerere University platform improves population health metrics through continuous community registration of births and deaths (and causes of death)

Population Pyramids

Half of the world’s deaths occur outside health systems, even those which occur within the health systems, their cause of deaths (COD) is not ascertained especially at lower level health facilities because they lack capacity to carry out post-mortems...

Enhancing Morbidity Surveillance at Community Level.

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Our Core Values

  • Conduct high quality and ethical research and training.
  • Integrity.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Loyalty to host community and confidentiality of personal data.
  • Sensitivity to community values and needs.
  • Timely decision making and action.

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