# Name Title University
1 Dr. Patric Lundberg Sexual risk behaviors, sexual abuse and HIV among persons with mental illness in Uganda Karolinska Institute
2 Dr. Ann Lindstrand Effects of pneumococcal vaccine in Stockholm and Uganda. Karolinska Institute
3 Dr. Jenny Lofgren Prevalence and unmet need for groin hernia surgery in Uganda. Under a project “Surgical Unmet Need in sub-Saharan Africa” Karolinska Institute
4 Ms. Aisha Jafri Risk factors, health care seeking behavior and socio-economic impact of injuries on health outcomes JHSPH
5 Dr. Barbara Kirunda Effect of built, natural and social environment on diet, physical activity and malnutrition in an adult peri-urban and rural population in Uganda Makerere
6 Carin Hillerdal Cerebral Palsy in Children in IMHDSS, Uganda: Clinical subtypes, motor function and Co-morbidities Karolinska Institute
7 Dr. Angelina Kakooza Pediatrics and Neurology Makerere
8 Nsangi Damalie Kajumba(Master’s Thesis) Assessing the prevalence of school attendance and associated factors for 6-18 years old with physical disabilities in the IMHDSS-Uganda. Makerere
9 Justine Bukenya The African research implementation science and education (Arise) network adolescent health study Makerere
10 Nandini D.P. Sarkar Maternal Mental Health Institute of Tropical Medicine
11 Dr. Helena Hildenwall Managing Children with Pneumonia symptoms in malaria endemic in Uganda Karolinska Institute
12 Dr. Elin Larson Missed Opportunities: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Uganda Karolinska Institute
13 Dr. Abdul Bachani Prevalence and Burden of Injuries in Uganda: Case of Iganga-Mayuge HDSS JHSPH
14 Mr. Ettar Ramare* (Master’s Thesis & Publication) Spatial analysis of determinants of choice of treatment provider for fever in under-five children in Iganga, Uganda Upsalla-Sweden
15 Dr. Anthony Ngugi-CDC-KEMRI-Kilifi)* Prevalence and incidence of Active Convulsive Epilepsy in Eastern Uganda ISHTM
16 Dr. Elizeus Rutebemberwa Access to health care for febrile children in Uganda Symptom recognition, care seeking practices and provider choice Karolinska Institute/MAK
17 Dr. Peter Waiswa Understanding Newborn Care in Uganda- Towards Future Interventions Karolinska Institute/MAK
18 Dr. Solome Kiribakka Bakeera Social determinants of health care for use of Ugandan children: Does social capital matter? Karolinska Institute/MAK
19 Dr. Mohammad Lubega Lost in Transition: Pre-antiretroviral Care and Delayed Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy in Uganda Karolinska Institute/MAK
20 Dr. David Mukanga Community Case Management of Malaria and Pneumonia in Children: Exploring the use of diagnostics by Community Health Workers in Uganda Karolinska Institute/MAK
21 Dr. Roy Mayega Magnitude of Type 2 Diabetes in a low income country setting Karolinska Institute/MAK
22 Dr. Christine Nalwadda Newborn referral: Practices, Compliance and its Determinants in Eastern Uganda Karolinska Institute/MAK
23 Dr. Elizabeth Nabiwemba Identification and care of low birth weight newborns in the community Makerere
24 Dr. Philippa Musoke/H. Mayanja TB Vaccine preparedness Study in Infants and Adolescents Makerere