How sophisticated, stylish and attractive your image will be, sometimes depends on the smallest details. For example, a beautiful pendant made of natural stone can instantly transform your appearance - but if it is combined with an inappropriate chain, the whole effect is lost. Agree, a product in a classic style, strung on an ordinary string, looks a bit silly - exactly the same as a plastic pendant on a gold chain. Such accessories often draw attention, so you should make sure that they are flawless. And our article will help you achieve this - it reveals all the secrets and tricks of how to choose a chain for a pendant. The elegance and allure of an ensemble lie in the meticulous details, and that's where the wisdom of insights shines through. 

Links and weaving are an important selection criterion

When visiting a jewelry store, buyers often pay attention to the appearance of the presented products. And this is quite justified because a quality product cannot be ugly, rough, with burrs and unevenly connected parts. But in addition to this, it is also worth evaluating how well the thing meets your goals. Yes, a chain with too thin and weak links may not withstand the weight of the pendant - sooner or later one of the links will simply break! Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the ratio of the mass of the suspension and the weight of the chain itself is approximately 1:1.

This indicator directly depends on the weaving of chains. Jewelers have developed many ways of connecting links that differ in size, number of tangent links, volume, flexibility, density, and width. Here are the most common of them:

  • anchor (there are also "anchor +1" and "anchor +2" modifications);
  • pearls (also known as beads);
  • ribbon (made of flat links);
  • armored (one of the most reliable weaves);
  • fantasy (looks attractive, but due to its complexity is rarely found);
  • weaving from stamped links.

In addition to those listed above, there are more exotic types of chain weaving. Such works can be a completely self-sufficient accessory that will beautifully emphasize the neckline. These include, for example, "Stream", "Turtle", "Python", "Abinata", "Bismarck", "Tondo", "Bald tail square" and many others. However, if you need a chain specifically for a pendant, you should still prefer a simpler option. This is due to the fact that wide and dense products do not bend well, they are quite heavy, so they lie on the chest almost motionless. Because of this, any suspension will look massive and even rough.

Whichever type of weaving you choose, make sure that the chain can easily bend in any direction. As a rule, the most flexible are the products made in the "anchor" and "armor" techniques. Options such as "Colossus", "Cartier", one of the weaving models "Singapore" bend quite easily. But, regardless of the type, any bends, cracks, defects, or scratches are unacceptable on the product, and each link must be securely connected to the others.

Products of medium thickness, such as "Rombo", "Spiral", and "Curtains" look balanced and are quite stable in operation. Products with twisted weaving "Shrunok" and "Rope" are also popular. And the braiding of "Braids" chains looks luxurious and goes well with various pendants. Complementing such a thing with a curly silver pendant, you will become the owner of a wonderful necklace that can be changed and modified at least every day!

Only the most common techniques are considered here - but in fact there are many more of them, and masters are constantly inventing new and new varieties. Therefore, you can easily choose the product that best suits your goals!

What should be a reliable lock?

Having decided which weaving of chains you like the most, do not forget to pay attention to the lock. By encumbering jewelry with a pendant, you proportionally increase the load on all its elements. A weak locking mechanism may not withstand this. Therefore, when buying, it is necessary to compare several products - so the difference between the designs will be clearly visible. Preference should be given to the tightest fasteners.

But even such caution can be useless if the chain is subjected to active exploitation. Constant movements inevitably loosen the lock, shortening its service life. To avoid this, jewelers recommend having several pieces in your collection and rotating them from time to time. For example, one of the things can be worn during the day, with miniature and light pendants, and for more elegant and large evening pendants, you should buy a chain with wide links and strong weaving.

We analyze the quality - how to recognize a low-grade product?

Magical jewelry bought on the spur of the moment may turn out to be not so attractive upon closer inspection. Therefore, the purchase of accessories should be approached soberly and moderately, critically evaluating their appearance and the seller's words.

Unfortunately, the inexperience of buyers often works against them - not knowing how to check the quality of this or that product, ladies get lost. Managers can take advantage of this by focusing all attention on how they approach skin, hair and eye color. And as a result, it turns out that you bought not at all what you wanted, and at a clearly inflated price! Most often, similar incidents can occur with a large influx of customers and general excitement, as in Egyptian and Turkish resorts.

The most reliable way to avoid purchasing counterfeit items is to buy a silver chain in a proven place. Yes, the "Yantar Polissya" online store offers only certified author's goods made of high-quality "sterling" metal. And a wide assortment allows you to choose a model that suits you personally.

Combining styles - how to combine a chain and a pendant?

Accessories are the final and extremely important touch to your image. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to select them, maintaining the integrity and unity of style. A harmonious combination of a pendant and a chain is the key to an elegant, charming and attractive appearance. So, what options does modern fashion offer?

Classic. Although this style is considered somewhat formal, it will never go out of fashion. Its strict elegance and noble restraint are appropriate in any situation. Products made in a similar manner look equally good in the office, at a party, and in a restaurant.

Vanguard. This style goes against all norms and traditions. It reveals special, unique and creative features of your character. Bright, sometimes even acidic colors, outrageous decor, extraordinary design - these are the main signs of this direction.

Casual. This is the choice of those who prefer convenience and practicality. Almost any materials are used for jewelry - from precious metals and stones to jewelry alloys and plastic. Their subject matter is also extremely diverse. But you can wear such products at least to work, at least to a party, at least for a walk in the park.

Sport. Works in this style are most often made of metal, are characterized by monochromaticity, minimalism and symmetry. Silver chains of supporters of this fashion direction are both wide and narrow. Pendants on them can be directly associated with sports (for example, a pendant in the form of a grasshopper, a boxing glove or a soccer ball) or have only an indirect relation to it. Jewelers working in this style rarely use bright precious stones, replacing them with high-quality glass, enamel, and advanced plastic.

Ethnicity. National traditions are an inexhaustible source of fashion ideas, people who wear clothes and accessories in ethnic style know this very well. Bright colors, whimsical patterns and symbols, natural materials - these are the main features of ethnicity. From metals, cupronickel, brass, and bronze are used, silver products with engraving are also popular. Chains are often combined with leather or wax harnesses, as well as woven ribbons. And on them are amazing and exotic pendants made of natural stones, wood, threads, felt, feathers, bones and shells. Often, the work is supplemented with key rings, decorative overlays, and fringes.

Luxury. Here, luxury and elitism are reduced to an absolute. The products of leading designers, the most expensive materials, the level of processing of all, even the smallest details, sophistication, sophistication and extraordinary forms - all this makes things in the Luxury style beautiful and recognizable. A chain made in this manner will look like a snake with ruby eyes, a vine hung with heavy bunches or a row of snowflakes. And the design of pendants can be almost any - yes, in the "Fashion Bella" collection from 2014, models in the form of hats, apples, and handbags were presented. But be sure - in any case, the pendants will be decorated with diamonds, emeralds and rubies fixed in a white gold or platinum frame.

When buying silver products, listen to your own taste and aesthetic sense. You should not copy someone else's image, it is much better if the author's decoration is your individual "highlight", which looks unusual and creative. Only then it will be in your face!